Maintenance Management


TRIO’s majority principle partner is Premiere Building Maintenance Corporation.

Premiere is a certified minority owned enterprise (MBE) and a state licensed Electrical, HVAC-Mechanical & General Contractor, as well as a Regional Facilities Management & Maintenance company. Incorporated in 1996 and headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Premiere offers comprehensive facility maintenance and management

The TRIO & Premiere Maintenance Services Commitment

Design, manage & provide quality maintenance programs specifically to meet our customers’ needs, based on the size and complexity of their facilities, remaining flexible in our approach, enabling customers to maximize the returns on their investments in resources and support costs.
  • Outstanding Green Programs – Premiere’s Green System, Leeds-certified systems and processes
  • CMMS-Software Suite – Measures quality, service, and tracks against pre-established client benchmarks
  • Mobile Services – Programs for dispersed property portfolios; Repair, Corrective & Preventive
  • Centralized Resource Center – Streamlined & efficient customer service and work order dispatch